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Case Studies

Our firm has over 80 years of experience working on assignments that span over 800 industries around the world. By exploring some of the cases we have worked on you will gain a better understanding of how we might be able to assist you in your quantification, investigation or valuation needs. Refine your search by selecting a practice area or industry.


Environmental Damages – Manufacturer

Our firm was hired to quantify damages relating to a major manufacturer that claimed soil contamination by an adjacent property holder had impacted the company’s ability to obtain financing for a plant expansion. The manufacturer presented a claim for the lost profits that would have been earned via...

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Business Valuation / Shareholder Oppression – Technology Company

We were retained to value the shares of a technology company pursuant to a shareholder dispute. We did a forensic investigation of multiple entities owned by the controlling shareholders as monies were flowing between the different entities. The minority shareholders were being deprived of distributions...

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Criminal Fraud – Furniture and Housewares Retailer

Our firm was engaged by a global furniture and housewares retailer to investigate a £10 million procurement fraud in which it was alleged that a number of the client’s employees colluded with a supplier to authorize payments for inventory purchases that were never received or partly received in exchange...

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Surety – Loan Misappropriations

MDD aided legal counsel in the successful defense of $10,000,000+ of alleged loan misappropriations by analyzing the receipt of approximately 50 condominium net sale proceeds and accounting for the construction costs incurred in erecting the condominium. Ultimately, the alleged diversion of loan proceeds...

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Loss of Income – Train Derailment

Our firm was engaged to assess the income losses for a plaintiff resulting from injuries sustained from a train derailment.  The plaintiff’s claimed income loss over a multi-year period was in excess of $30 million. Our involvement included the review and assessment of the plaintiff’s personal...

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Farrow-to-Finish – Hog Farm Liability Claim

Feed given to the sows and piglets was infected with a disease that ultimately killed all of the piglets. Because the loss occurred early in the pigs’ life cycle, MDD assessed the loss based on hog market prices for a date that matched when the piglets would have been sold as market hogs. We also considered...

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Product Recall – Defective Packaging

In a matter that was more than 5 years old, MDD was called upon to measure damages due to a product recall of canned vegetables. The insured was notified by a customer that rust was appearing on canned goods. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the can provider had supplied defective...

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Power Generation – Reported Values

A power generation company with multiple locations was going through the renewal of their Insurance policy. During the existing coverage period, their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) had been renewed with some updated terms. As such, MDD was instructed to analyse and compare the potential maximum loss...

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Economic Damages – Mining Loss

MDD was retained by an independent adjusting firm and insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a loss with respect to a significant mining operation. Our role included assessing the loss related to the repair costs claim. We were required to analyze the repair in detail to make...

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