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Case Studies

Our firm has over 80 years of experience working on assignments that span over 800 industries around the world. By exploring some of the cases we have worked on you will gain a better understanding of how we might be able to assist you in your quantification, investigation or valuation needs. Refine your search by selecting a practice area or industry.


Statutory Rescission: Consulting for Franchisor

We worked in a consulting capacity to assist a national franchisor deal with a claim for statutory rescission of a franchise agreement under the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000. We identified the weaknesses in the claim presented by the franchisee, including failing to account for...

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Franchise Support – Alleged Failure to Disclose Operating Costs

A claim for rescission was advanced by a franchisee on the basis that the franchisor had failed to disclose the quantum of potential changes to operating costs based on revisions made to the lease. We were retained to provide an expert opinion on the main financial considerations investors consider...

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Professional Services – Lost Profits Due to Oil Spill

MDD was retained by a law firm to assist in the evaluation of the claimant’s economic damages resulting from an oil spill that ruined the claimant’s leased premises and business personal property of the dental practice. The claimant incurred lost profits resulting from the spill although a portion...

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Business Interruption – Flood at Care Facility

Our firm was retained by an insurer to quantify the business interruption loss suffered by an organization that operated a number of assisted living and care facilities.  The loss was a result of a water main rupture under one of the insured’s premises, resulting in flooding. We prepared an expert...

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Professional Indemnity – Asset Management Company

MDD was hired to measure losses incurred by an asset management company due to its failure to book two forward currency contracts into one of its fund’s portfolios, which resulted in the overstatement of the published net asset value per unit of the Fund. We measured losses to the asset management...

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Government Investigation – Non Profit Organization

Our firm was engaged by a provincial government agency to conduct an investigation of a non-profit organization under its jurisdiction. The agency received funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and was responsible for disbursing the funds to various organizations. The Chief Financial...

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Product Recall – Food Product Manufacturer

MDD was hired by insurers to review the economic damages in relation to a product recall implemented by a food product manufacturer. The UK based manufacturer discovered products containing traces of nuts had been incorrectly labelled as nut free leading to a recall being implemented and significant...

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Class Action – Government Agency

Our firm was hired in relation to a class action commenced against a national government agency relating to the fees charged for specific entry visas. The engagement involved conducting an assessment of various business and accounting processes used in determining cost allocations.  We also examined...

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Physical Damages – Fire at Aircraft Hanger

We were asked by Insurers to review the physical damages claimed by an aviation company who, during the manufacture of a military aircraft, suffered a fire in one of their hangers in Indonesia resulting in the wing of the aircraft being damaged. The wing had to be taken off the aircraft and replaced. Our...

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