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Case Studies

Our firm has over 80 years of experience working on assignments that span over 800 industries around the world. By exploring some of the cases we have worked on you will gain a better understanding of how we might be able to assist you in your quantification, investigation or valuation needs. Refine your search by selecting a practice area or industry.

class action accountants, class action support

Class Action – Government Agency

Our firm was hired in relation to a class action commenced against a national government agency relating to the fees charged for specific entry visas. The engagement involved conducting an assessment of various business and accounting processes used in determining cost allocations.  We also examined...

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agriculture losses

Barn Fire at a Dairy Farm

MDD was retained to quantify the losses sustained after the majority of a herd of cows perished in a barn fire. To assess the lost profits, MDD analyzed the insured’s quota and current milk prices to determine the revenue the farm would have made and also factored in the extra expenses the insured...

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intellectual property infringement, intellectual property, patent infringement, copyright infringement

Intellectual Property – Furniture Company (Canada)

Our firm defended a trademark agent for negligence relating to the filing of a trademark for a furniture chain. The plaintiff presented an expert report showing damages of approximately $4M. We presented a critique of the claim, which included a thorough analysis of market trends in the industry illustrating...

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power generation loss

Power Generation – Tube Rupture To Industrial Boiler

MDD was hired by Insurers to review the economic damages in relation to a tube rupture in an industrial boiler at a heat and power plant in Sweden. The plant is owned by the local community and provides electricity, heating and biogas to the local municipality. The major components of the heat and...

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cyber attack, cyber risk, cyber risks, cyber breach, cyber risk insurance market

Cyber Risk – Medical Clinic Phishing Scam

A rural county network of six medical clinics were shut down due to a phishing scam and malware that encrypted all computer systems. All aspects of service were impacted from dental to clinic, even home health. Systems were restored with the help of encryption keys provided by the FBI, but health services...

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income replacement benefits, irb calculator, accident benefits forensic accounting, accident benefits forensic accountant

Loss of Income – Motor Vehicle Accident

Our firm was retained by an insurance defense law firm to prepare an income loss report for an individual who was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  The plaintiff sued the municipality where the accident occurred claiming that the signage identifying the conditions of the road was inadequate. Our...

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fraud accountant, corporate fraud, fraud risk assessments, fraud accountants

Employee Fraud – Charitable Organization

Our firm was hired to calculate losses relating to employee theft that occurred within a large international charitable organization. The procurement manager had set up various fraudulent vendors to which he had awarded large contracts for food delivery and vehicle purchases and had engaged in bid-rigging...

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contingency claims

Production Loss on Overseas Motion Picture

We were hired by an independent adjusting firm and insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a production loss on a motion picture being filmed overseas. The production loss resulted from a re-shoot that occurred two months after the end of scheduled production. The re-shoot occurred...

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Aviation Industry Forensic Accounting Experts

Terrorist Attack affecting Airline Business

We were instructed by Insurers to assess the loss of profit and additional costs sustained by an airline carrier resulting from an airport terrorist attack. The airlines and many other service providers at the airport suffered long tail losses for up to 12 months after the attack, despite the airport...

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