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Case Studies

Our firm has over 80 years of experience working on assignments that span over 800 industries around the world. By exploring some of the cases we have worked on you will gain a better understanding of how we might be able to assist you in your quantification, investigation or valuation needs. Refine your search by selecting a practice area or industry.


Criminal Fraud – Furniture and Housewares Retailer

Our firm was engaged by a global furniture and housewares retailer to investigate a £10 million procurement fraud in which it was alleged that a number of the client’s employees colluded with a supplier to authorize payments for inventory purchases that were never received or partly received in exchange...

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Power Generation – Transformer Trip at Hydroelectricity Power Plant

We were asked by an independent adjusting firm and Insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a transformer trip at a hydroelectricity power plant in Turkey. The power plant is an embankment dam with three turbines in the main power house and two turbines serviced by a divisional...

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Expropriation – Restaurant

We were retained by the owner of a casual restaurant to calculate business losses from the partial taking of land and adjacent road widening work. We analyzed statistical data for comparable stores and for the industry as a whole, as well as the claimant’s actual results following the completion...

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Intellectual Property – LED Technology Patent Infringement (Canada)

Our firm was retained by the plaintiff’s counsel with respect to a patent infringement case involving a LED technology. The plaintiff, the developer and licensor of the patented LED technology, alleged that two multi-national retail distributors knowingly procured/purchased products that were manufactured...

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Physical Damages – Fire at Aircraft Hanger

We were asked by Insurers to review the physical damages claimed by an aviation company who, during the manufacture of a military aircraft, suffered a fire in one of their hangers in Indonesia resulting in the wing of the aircraft being damaged. The wing had to be taken off the aircraft and replaced. Our...

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Business Interruption – Fire at a Nursing Home

Our firm was engaged in a business interruption file for a government funded nursing home facility. The facility also charged residents living in private rooms a small daily rental fee.  The facility suffered a fire and had to relocate residents to other areas of the facility, including common areas...

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Intellectual Property – Ecommerce Site (Canada)


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Increased Costs for Global Airline Provider

MDD was instructed to assess the increased costs incurred by one of the largest global airline providers. A power outage had affected the airline's tracking software and its ability to fly and land scheduled flights. This caused huge disruption - outgoing flights were delayed and incoming flights...

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Construction Claim – Major Hydro-electric Generating Project

We were asked by an independent adjusting firm and insurers to review the economic damages claimed in relation to a course of construction claim on a major hydro-electric generating project. The project was delayed for several months as a result of the failure of a cofferdam which was allowing construction...

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