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Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles




  • Liability: When Do the Numbers Become Important?

    This month MDD focuses on liability claims and looks at the benefits of getting the right technical accounting expert engaged... Read More »

  • Mining Claim – All Is Not As It Appears

    In this briefing we focus on mining claims, and share our knowledge and technical expertise on one of the loss... Read More »

  • What Type of Business Valuation Do I Need?

    In my previous article, I discussed the critical need for business owners to have their business valued by a professional... Read More »

  • Should I Have My Business Valued?

    What’s so important about having a valuation of my company? Small business owners spend most of their time IN THEIR... Read More »

  • Mexican Standoff – Insured Losses in Mexico Following Recent Catastrophes

    September 2017 was a brutal month for the people of Mexico, with two earthquakes and a hurricane causing untold misery,... Read More »

  • Business Interruption Insurance and Dealing with Natural Catastrophe Events

    Late 2017 has witnessed a flurry of catastrophic weather events that has led to widespread devastation. Hurricane Harvey set the... Read More »

  • Determining damages in negligence cases involving banks, lenders

    Banks rely on various profes­sionals to help them assess the financial health of their borrowers. But sometimes these professionals make... Read More »

  • Identifying and Measuring Short Duration Business Interruption Losses

    What have we really lost? One of the most common issues that arise from short duration interruptions, those measured in... Read More »

  • Mining Business Interruption Insurance and the Principle of Indemnity

    By Brad Ebel – Head of MDD’s Global Mining Practice.  To read Brad’s mining bio please click here. Mining Business... Read More »

  • Cyclone Debbie May Create Complex Claims Issues for Insurers

    Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent rain and flooding events across Queensland, Northern NSW and New Zealand have caused significant damage... Read More »

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