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Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles
Forensic Accounting Articles

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  • Product Liability Claims: How can a forensic accountant assist in the claim review process?

    There are many different types of liability cover available to business owners including D&O liability, professional indemnity and public liability... 자세히 보기 »

  • Regulated and Deregulated Electricity Markets: What is the difference when modelling power generation losses?

    Introduction When modelling power generation losses for Business Interruption (“BI”) or Delay in Start-Up (“DSU”) purposes, it is important to... 자세히 보기 »

  • Buying Shares in an NFL Player? Business Valuation Principles Still Apply

    In my last post, I argued that an investor in Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics company was essentially investing in Ms. Jenner’s... 자세히 보기 »

  • Forensic Accounting Liability Exposures

    The below article first appeared in THE STANDARD, New England’s Insurance Magazine. It features excerpts from a presentation given by... 자세히 보기 »

  • The Unique Perspective of a Certified ‘Forensic CPA’ Arbitrator

    Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) is any procedure that is used in matters that would otherwise be settled in a court... 자세히 보기 »

  • Economic Damages from Personal Injury: A Forensic Accountant’s Perspective

    Regrettably, individuals can experience a temporary or permanent diminishment in their ability to perform certain functions due to a tortfeasor.... 자세히 보기 »

  • Is Kylie Jenner Really a Billionaire, Or Even Close?

    A few weeks ago, Forbes created a social media storm when it proclaimed that Kylie Jenner was poised to become the world’s... 자세히 보기 »

  • Caribbean ‘vacation’ for CAT claims

    As a global forensic accounting firm, we at MDD have a “boots on the ground” mentality when it comes to... 자세히 보기 »

  • Valuing a Franchise System

    Valuing a franchise system, or “franchisor”, is in many ways very similar to the valuation of any other type of... 자세히 보기 »

  • Fidelity / Fraud Losses: Forensic Investigation and Loss Quantification Concepts  

    You will learn from reading this article: The need to consider the true financial loss The insured may not have... 자세히 보기 »

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