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Matson Driscoll & Damico is a leading forensic accounting firm specializing in economic damage quantification assessments. With offices around the world, our professionals help evaluate and determine insurance claims, litigation damages and business valuations in a clear and concise manner that stand up to scrutiny. 

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Economic Damage Quantification Specialists

Economic damages are damages that usually involve loss of profits, loss of wages and earnings (past and future), loss of future earning capacity, damage to real and personal property and loss of value. Economic damage quantification is the measurement of these damages which often result from a harmful act. There are many events that can result in economic damages for an individual or business, for example, damages caused to the environment, catastrophes such as 9/11, fraud, personal injury or wrongful death or other economic factors.

Litigation Damages

MDD Forensic Accountants regularly provide litigation services and expert witness testimony in courts and arbitrations. We also frequently provide assistance during the discovery process, mediations and during settlement discussions. Time and again, our assessments have stood up to the scrutiny of cross-examination, making us the choice of both plaintiff and defence counsel worldwide. Our professionals’ expertise spans 500 industries and practice areas such as damage quantification, valuation matters, construction litigation, fraud investigations and corruption.

Business Valuations

MDD Forensic Accountants provide business valuations around the world. Whether you are selling a company, succession/exit planning, going through divorce proceedings or simply just wanting to know how much your business is worth MDD’s Certified Valuation Analysts can assist.

About MDD Forensic Accountants

Founded in 1933, MDD is a leading forensic accounting firm with experts who have worked in more than 130 countries and across 800 industries. We regularly work with law firms, government entities, multi-national corporations, small

businesses, insurance companies and independent adjustment firms by providing independent economic assessments that stand up to scrutiny. Contact Ed or Kevin in the adjacent panel for more information.

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